The Northkorean News Agency (KCNA) about the Yonphyong incident [Τηλεγράφημα του βορειοκορεατικού πρακτορείου ειδήσεων KCNA για την προβοκάτσια της περασμένης Τρίτης]

KCNA: Who Is to Wholly Blame for Armed Clash in West Sea of Korea

Pyongyang, November 27 (KCNA) — No sooner had the Yonphyong incident occurred than the U.S. announced that it would stage joint naval exercises with the south Korean puppet forces with nuclear-powered carrier George Washington involved in the West Sea of Korea as if it had been waiting for it to happen before immediately sending the carrier to the sea.

This clearly indicates that the U.S. was the arch criminal who deliberately planned the incident and wire-pulled it behind the scene.

By orchestrating the “Cheonan” warship case the U.S. realized almost all what it had planned. It could maintain its military base in Okinawa though it had been pressurized to transfer it from there and massively beef up its forces in the areas around the Korean Peninsula.

What is left unfulfilled is the plan to bring the above-said nuclear carrier to the West Sea of Korea.

The U.S. instigated the south Korean puppet forces to perpetrate an armed provocation against the territorial waters of the DPRK side from Yonphyong Island and was contemplating bringing its nuclear-powered carrier to the West Sea, availing itself of the incident, though it was compelled to cancel its plan to do so three times after its announcement. (…)

(…) The DPRK side warned several times against the enemy’s plan for shelling in the sensitive areas around Yonphyong Island and sent a telephone notice on the morning of the very day the incident occurred as part of its superhuman efforts to prevent the clash to the last moment, but the south side preempted the firing of shells into the territorial waters of the DPRK side. The enemy side, however, has kept silent about all these facts.

Moreover, it is now working hard to dramatize “civilian casualties” as part of its propaganda campaign, creating the impression that the defenceless civilians were exposed to “indiscriminate shelling” all of a sudden from the DPRK side.

If that is true, it is very regrettable but the enemy should be held responsible for the incident as it took such inhuman action as creating “a human shield” by deploying civilians around artillery positions and inside military facilities before the launch of the provocation.

The NATO-European Union bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999

The fact that there were human casualties inside the military base clearly proves itself the ulterior intention of the enemy.

The U.S. regarded the death of innocent civilians as a common practice in the past in a bid to serve its military purposes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the world. This inhuman atrocity of the U.S. repeated itself on the Korean Peninsula this time.

While the incident occurred, the shells indiscriminately fired by the enemy dropped in the area close to civilian houses far from the artillery positions of the Korean People’s Army.

All facts go to patently prove that it was attributable to the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK aimed to carry out its Asian strategy for domination that an unstable state of armistice has persisted and the military tension escalated periodically over the last nearly six decades.

The U.S. has so far obstructed the solution of any issues related to peace and stability while being keen only to keep the military tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Peace and stability can never settle on the peninsula but only instability will increase in the region near Korea and the rest of the world unless the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK is brought to an end.

The DPRK has so far restrained itself with the maximum patience. But the enemy encroached upon the inviolable territorial waters and land of the DPRK by firing live shells in the most sensitive disputed area despite its repeated warnings.

The counter-shelling of the DPRK was a resolute and proper retaliation against the reckless military provocation of the enemy.

If the U.S. brings its carrier to the West Sea of Korea at last, no one can predict the ensuing consequences.

Source: KCNA


Repeal of Planned Joint Military Exercises Urged in S. Korea [Σεούλ: 30 Κοινωνικές-Πολιτικές Οργανώσεις της Νοτίου Κορέας απαιτούν την άμεση διακοπή των κοινών στρατιωτικών γυμνασίων ΗΠΑ-Νοτίου Κορέας]

Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA) — Members of 30 odd civic and public organizations in south Korea, including the Solidarity for Progress and the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification, held a press conference in Seoul on November 26 to demand that the U.S. and the puppet warmongers cancel their plan for joint military maneuvers in the West Sea of Korea at once.

In a press release they noted that the situation of the Korean Peninsula is getting worse due to the anti-DPRK moves and the ceaseless joint military exercises on the part of the U.S. and the Lee Myung Bak regime.

Recalling that the U.S. and the south Korean authorities seek to stage the war maneuvers in the West Sea of Korea with huge aggression armed forces including the nuclear powered super-large carrier George Washington while crying out for “counteraction”, they branded it as a dangerous move which might spark off military conflict between the south and the north.

They expressed strong opposition to the U.S. scheme for interfering in the affairs of the Korean Peninsula and escalating the military tension.

Source: KCNA

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